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Building your first gem

Great writeup on building your first gem, including starting with tests.

zsh: no matches found:...

I’ve been on zshell (via oh-my-zsh) for some time and have loved most of it. One of my nits was ‘no matches found’ when running various rake tasks; e.g.

$ rake parallel:spec[4]
> zsh: no matches found: parallel:spec[4]

I was a bit fuddled on the root cause, but today I found the solution and the cause. The root cause was zshell’s substitutions and the solution was to add

alias rake="noglob rake"

to my ~/.zshrc

OSX Terminal Tips

  • pipe to pbcopy and pbpaste

  • opensnoop or lsof to list files open by process

  • simple http server  python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000


FFmpeg essentials

General guide:


TIL how to customize an icon for a folder in OS X

I recently downloaded a number of ebooks that to my desktop and threw them all in a folder ‘books’. I wondered how hard it would be customize the icon. Turns out it is super simple.

  1. Copy image (using preview)

  2. Open folder’s info, click on image at the top of the info view and select Edit -> Paste.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.21.03 AM